Nonprofit Fundraiser

Fundraising often feels icky, requires huge risks, as well as time and money invested up front. Our hope is that you use Janey Makes a Play as a low-risk, high-reward fundraiser. It's simple: host a movie screening for your people. We send you the film and some advertising materials. Invite your regular members and patrons. There is no large up-front cost! So at worst, you have a fun movie night with your people.

At best:

  • You keep 100% of the money you raise
  • Increase audience appreciation for your art
  • Increase recruiting for your next production
  • Use the gathering to sell tickets to your next event

If you're a theatre troupe, host the movie night 6-8 weeks before opening night. It'll provide a bump in ticket sales for the upcoming play. You could do a song or monologue from the upcoming production as a teaser. If you really want to go big, make it a dress-up formal red carpet premiere. You can also, with an upgrade, have the director of the film do a Q&A. In the whatever way works for your community, a JMAP Fundraiser allows you to make money with as small an effort of pressing play on a movie.