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The filmmaker's keynote presentation weaves together thought-provoking ideas about aging and personal reflections on making the film. As young men in their late 20s, they offer a unique perspective on senior adults and how we can honor the older generation. The broader themes of their presentation can include:

  • Why they made the film and how it changed their perspective on older adults
  • How intergenerational relationships are a huge key to emotional, physical, and spiritual health
  • How we can all challenge ourselves to be active in our communities through the arts


Janey Makes a Play is a proven tool to inspire audiences, generate media coverage, and engage with potential sales prospects. Senior living communities often organize their screening for residents, send out direct mail invitations to prospects, and open their event to the public. Community theatre troupes use the film to engage their audience, recruit for future plays, and sell tickets to their upcoming shows.

We are excited to be hearing stories of successful screening events from universities, high schools, churches, businesses, and community theatre troupes. Our goal is to build on the inspirational story of the film and help achieve your concrete goals. To help with your marketing and publicity efforts, we will provide you with:

  • Customizable Janey Makes a Play graphics you can use for your marketing materials
  • Customizable press release and resources for generating local media coverage
  • License to use our multimedia content on your website and social media

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Director/Producer Jared Callahan has spoken at dozens of conferences, events, and film festivals around the world. Different communities have used Janey Makes A Play speaking engagements to inspire members, generate local media coverage, and achieve their marketing goals. 

Contact us now to learn more about booking the filmmakers for your next conference, screening, or special event.


Watch this clip of the first 10 minutes of the movie that introduces the Janey, the town, and the theatre troupe!

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Contact us now to learn more about booking the filmmakers for your next conference, screening, or special event:

Jared Callahan
(619) 228-3485

Director / Producer Jared Callahan

Jared Callahan is a director/producer whose work has been released through The New York Times, PBS, and world-class film festivals. His favorite role on stage was being cast as one of the hospital orderlies based on The Three Stooges.

Screening Partners

Janey Makes A Play has been warmly received by many organizations already. The film has also been an official selection at 21 film festivals, where it has screened for thousands of audience members with engaging Q&As.